Calla Lily and Orchid Cascading Beaded Bridal Bouquet

Calla Lily and Orchid Cascading Beaded Bridal Bouquet

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This is one of my very special pieces. Every flower and leaf in this piece was created out of seedbeads with my own two hands and then arranged the way a floral designer might into a stunning heirloom sculptural piece. I spent some time looking into floral design and popular bouquet and floral choices for weddings before diving into this work. While working on this piece I taught myself a pattern for creating beaded calla lillies.
I estimate that I spent between 35 and 40 full time hours on the creation of this piece, not including the time spent in design and research. It was also the first time I tried to create a beaded project on this scale. For the greenery alone I went through a one pound bag of size 11/0 seed beads.
This piece has been built to last generations. It would be a dream to have this item passed down through the generations from family member to family member.

I’m truly proud of the work I put into creating this stunning piece of sculptural fine artwork.

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