Christmas Beaded Floral Sculpture

Christmas Beaded Floral Sculpture

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in All Portfolio Items, Beaded Sculpture | 0 comments

I really appreciate Christmas. I don’t have cultural access to very many large festivals, and Christmas is one of the few, and certainly the one I enjoy the most. I mean, one of the ritual aspects of Christmas is decorating a tree. I love decorating things! So this floral sculpture has a Christmas feel about it. I enjoy the idea of it as an heirloom sculpture, pulled out year after year as part of a Christmas table centerpiece. Incorporated into family ritual.

The floral elements in this piece are calla lillies in both red and a dark ‘peacock’ colour, alongside orchids, sprays of freshwater pearls and greenery. These are all hand beaded by myself and then assembled into a gorgeous floral piece.

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