My first hand beaded bouquet – Sculpture

My first hand beaded bouquet – Sculpture

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This is a picture of the first bouquet that I ever made. It was created while I was still working as a software developer, I made as a practice in mindfulness meditation to calm myself down in the evenings. I find it relaxing to be in the moment, focusing on the physical aspects of creation. I was teaching myself how to make these, and this being the first one it was rather inefficient. Since I created this piece I’ve learned a lot more about creating them faster and with more solid forms.

This piece doesn’t actually exist anymore, I destroyed it in a state of what I’m going to label ‘being a moody artist.’ – my later work was becoming much more advanced and as time went by I came to severely dislike this piece, because its flaws becoming more apparent to my eye as I was training myself to be a better artist. I can be incredibly critical of myself and my work. Late one evening when I was feeling somewhat emotional I picked this one up and tore it into pieces.

This piece is a part of my history though. I really do enjoy the combination of colours in this piece and the overall shapes and textures, mostly I was frustrated with the stability and construction of it. I’ve learned to make them more solidly, and I’ve learned to use better wire, so the pieces I make these days are much more solidly constructed.

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